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被骗好多年 电梯关门按键根本没用

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本文摘要:Most people do not have the patience to wait a few seconds for the elevator doors to shut, so they push the close button to speed up the process.大多数人没等候电梯自动重开的冷静(虽然这个过程只有几秒钟),所以他们按“关门”键来减缓关门速度。


Most people do not have the patience to wait a few seconds for the elevator doors to shut, so they push the close button to speed up the process.大多数人没等候电梯自动重开的冷静(虽然这个过程只有几秒钟),所以他们按“关门”键来减缓关门速度。However, some say this feature has been obsolete since the 1990s, suggesting the button is a complete fake it will not close the doors any faster.然而,许多人称,自20世纪90年代起,电梯关门按键就已被出局,这解释目前的关门键几乎是摆放,它们显然会减缓关门速度。Experts reveal that there numerous buttons in the world that do not live up to their name, but are present to make us feel in control.专家称之为虽然世界上有许多名不副实的按键,但它们的不存在让我们有一种掌控感觉。The Americans With Disabilities Act was passed in 1990, mandating that elevators stay open long enough for someone with a physical disability, such as on crutches or in a wheelchair, to make it inside, Karen W. Penafiel, executive director of National Elevator Industry Inc., told Christopher Mele with The New York Times in an interview.于1990年通过的《美国残疾人法案》拒绝电梯门口时间保持足够宽,从而照料身体残疾者,例如拐杖两头人士或坐轮椅者,便利他们转入电梯。

国家电梯产业股份有限公司的继续执行总裁凯伦.W.佩尼亚菲耶尔在拒绝接受《纽约时报》的克里斯托弗.米尔专访时这样说:Although these buttons are useless to the average person, they do perform their proper function for firefighters and maintenance workers but only with a code or designated keys.“尽管这些按键对普通人而言没起到,但对于用于密码或特定钥匙的消防员或修理人员来说,这些按键需要很好地充分发挥其起到。”Penafiel explains since an elevators lifespan is around 25 years, it is safe to say that a majority, if any, do not have a functioning close button but the open button works when it is pushed.佩尼亚菲耶尔说明称之为,由于一部电梯的寿命在25年左右,我们大可以指出,就算大多数电梯的“关门”键都是不起作用的,但“门口”按键是有效地的。As bizarre as it seems to place fake buttons in an elevator or other devices, they are there for good reasons.虽然在电梯或其他设备中移往一个假按键的不道德或许很怪异,但这些假按键具有一定的不存在原因。


Perceived control is very important, Ellen J. Langer, a psychology professor at Harvard University who has studied the illusion of control, told Mele in an email.“具备自指出的掌控感是很最重要的,”曾研究掌控错觉的哈佛大学心理学教授艾伦.J.朗格在给米尔的一封邮件中写到:It diminishes stress and promotes well-being.“这种感觉需要增加人们的压力并且减少他们的幸福感。”Another expert, John Kounios, a psychology professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, said that these buttons are there to add an illusion of control if they werent, people would feel a lack of control which is linked to depression.另一位来自费城德雷塞尔大学的心理学教授约翰.库尼奥斯说道,这些按键的不存在是为了让人们产生一种掌控错觉。如果没这些按键,人们不会深感缺少控制力,从而引起抑郁症。

And those people who know the little white lie will still continue to push these decoy buttons because the doors eventually close and that is the desired reward, he said.他说道,而对于告诉这些按键没起到,而只是愿意骗局的人而言,他们还是不会之后按这些按键,因为门最后不会关上,而这就是他们想的结果。However, elevators arent the only deceitful devices - crosswalk signals in New York City are also on the list.然而,好比是电梯——纽约市人行横道的过马路按键标志也某种程度被骗了我们。The New York Times revealed in 2004 that the Big Apple pulled the plug on a majority of its pedestrian buttons long ago, as a result of computer-controlled traffic signals.2004年《纽约时报》报导称之为,如今交通指示灯不受电脑掌控,所以纽约市早已拔去了大多数人行横道的按键电源。

City figures state that out of the 3,250 crosswalk buttons, 2,500 of them were replaced with mechanical placebos, or non-functioning mechanisms.根据纽约州数据表明,总计3250个人行横道按键中被换为违宪按键的有2500个。The reason the buttons are still in place is because it costs about $1 million to remove them.这些违宪按键之所以还在,是因为后移去它们约必须花费100万美元。


But New York City isnt alone in this let down, as ABC conducted a survey in 2010 that found only one working crosswalk button in Austin Texas, Gainesville, Florida and Syracuse, New York.但纽约市不是唯一一个覆有大量违宪人行横道按键的城市。根据美国广播公司2010年的调查,德克萨斯州的奥斯汀市、佛罗里达州的盖恩斯维尔市和纽约的锡拉丘兹市的人行横道都只有一个简单的按键。

Depending on where you work, you may not want to trust the thermostat that everyone has access to.根据工作地点的有所不同,或许你不愿信任每个人都能操纵的温度调节器。In 2003, the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News found that many offices install dummy thermostats 51 out of 71 people in the survey confirmed their office in fact has one.2003年《空调,暖气和加热器新闻》找到,许多办公室加装的温度调节器“没反应”。参与调查的71人中有51人否认他们的办公室里就有这样一个不行的调节器。

One respondent David Trimble of Fort Collins, Colorado, wrote The News that individuals felt better that they have the ability to control the temperature in the office following the installation of a decoy thermostat.科罗拉多州柯林斯堡的一位记者戴维.特林布尔在《新闻报》中写到,办公室在加装违宪温度调节器后,人们不会因为深感有能力掌控办公室温度而不会“深感快乐”。This cut down the number of service calls by over 75 percent, he wrote.他写到:“这增加了75%的修理催促。